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I am doing rather well, my asthma is finally beginning to calm the heck down.   I got sick, and sick led to having to go the hospital for asthma (Urgent Care), and then it took forever to recover fully.  Still not there - a bit of a cough when it's damp like today, but I am not using my rescue inhaler daily anymore (or several times a day like I had to at first).  I can't really be angry at the people who go on the train sick (most of them have to go into work sick or not), but what is just a cold to someone else can be rather more for someone like me - I guess what I really need to be angry at is the U.S. system of vacation and sick days that force people to go into work sick.   I was sick about a month ago, and it has taken this long for the asthma for calm down. 

I am talking to my biological father again.   My rule against not talking to relatives who aren't will to put time into reaching me is being relaxed in his case - he finally told me why he hasn't been calling me back - he's working extra hours (which I knew) because his girlfriend (they have been together long enough to be common law married) has cancer.  The kind that one doesn't recover from, one lives with and hopes the treatments prolong one's life.  So, okay, I am willing to take on the burden of sustaining the relationship 'cause life sucks for him.  

Still not talking to my other father, the one I grew up with.  Had the conversation with my mother about not mentioning him - i cried during it, because explaining to her that she was hurting me is always hard for me to do.  I celebrate the fact that I can tell her when she's hurting me these days.   it took us a long time to get to this place, and I never thought we would.   

My superhero game has it good days and bad.  I need to play in order to want to run, but most of the other people running just don't get how to make the game about the players.  At the last game, the setting was the school dance - shadows invaded to abduct people with shadow, light or healing based powers if they had the genetic origin, but not the mutant on the team with healing powers.  That's how bad it is, the shadows went after nameless random npcs, not the player character - the DM had to come up with an reason (that we never got) why they WEREN'T targeting the PC.   

I have enjoyed running the game, and am finally setting myself up a stable of reoccurring bad guys ('cause ever superhero needs a nemesis).  So far I have worked in the Hobgoblin, and set up the return of the Red Skull.  Also introduced A.I.M. 'cause I need a bad guy organization.  I was running mystical games, and if I am going to be running half the games (which I will be for some time) I need non-mystical bad guys.

But when I don't get a chance to play, I am not a decent ST.  I tend to make consequences too harsh, and I start running the plots where I know they will eat the poisoned candy (even when I don't want them to) and not want the consquences out of game, 'cause those are the ones I want to run (I really want players who only eat the poisoned candy if they are prepared for what it does to their characters, but those are rare players).  Half my players can't tell when the candy is poisoned, and are shocked and unhappy everytime.  You would think by now they know I believe in the 'there ain't no such thing as a free lunch' philosophy, as I have stated such, but a free lunch is always too tempting for them.

The boyfriend and I are doing really well.   He's having to work late too often, but that' s my only complaint.  

I do miss my LA friends.  I am still very, very mad at the public transportation system in my town.  It is preventing my visiting the LA people, and they won't come out to where I am, so it's hard.


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