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I want to cry, but I don't  have any reason to except stress.  Stress from work, stress from the Boy's work, stress from being driving and trying to get better - but not being able to pay attention to the road and find anyplace I haven't been by surface streets repeatedly without driving. 

Today I will go watch Teen Titans and the Middleman with friends. 

Tomorrow I will go look at Halloween things, wear my Halloween socks, do some grocery shopping, and maybe make some Halloween foods.

I still have apples, lots and lots of apples and this makes me happy.  I know have four pairs of Halloween socks (CVS had them 2 for $5, then I had $5 free CVS bucks, so I bought 2 pair and got 2 pair free.  :)  This makes me happy.

The Boy and I are doing better than ever despite the humerounous amounts of stress that are in our lives - this makes me happy.  He's not taking one iota of his stress out of me, not even by accident.  This makes me insanely happy.

He's also being really good with communication about what he needs (for example, me to do dishes that include cups today because he's not going to have time to do it, like, for a long time, and he needs cups - I normally don't do them until last 'cause then he will occassionally do dishes) in order to keep coping.  I am trying to be realistic and communicative in what I need to cope. 

Hung out with a very old friend yesterday, hanging out with that friend and another today, have Halloween plans next weekend, it could be much worse.  :)

Got my car smogged, it passed, one less thing to worry about.


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