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My mother has been laid off.  This one is balanced by my stepfather being approved for disability.  This means they aren't as bad off financially as they could be - but she no longer has health insurance.

She has various things that are currently managed with diet and exercise.  She believes that will remain true.  I believe that this bodes ill, because now there won't be monitoring.

My father, the good one, has markers in his blood that mean he likely has cancer.  As in "he has cancer, we just don't know where yet."

His doctor wants him to get a specific operation for another matter, and certain tests.  My father doesn't want the operation (it's a doozy) and can't afford/won't get the test that will show where the cancer is.

Because he think it is kidney cancer (he has a cyst there and things that it was misdiagnosed and is the cancer) and won't do anything until the doctor confirms or denies this with another test.

Which the doctor does not want to do (because they already tested that a while back and it was just a cyst).

My father also won't change doctors to one who will do what he wants, 'cause his current one is head of the oncology for a rather large hospital.  

I have tried to explain that if the doctor won't do the test he wants done, and he won't get the tests he needs until that test gets done, then he needs a new doctor, even if that new doctor is not as well trained. 

He won't listen to me.    I am going to lose him because he is going to stubborn himself to death.

I am scared.  And upset and angry and upset and worried and upset and not handling this all very well at all.

If you don't hear from me, that's why.  Because all of my 'being a good person' is being used up by work, and my gaming group, and I am going to have to scale back on the gaming group, because I don't have enough to go around right now.
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