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1.  I have a twitter account.  Yet it freaks me out when random strangers follow me.  I know the things I say on twitter aren't interesting enough for random strangers to want to follow me.  Until recently I routinely blocked anyone who followed me that I didn't know or follow myself.  Kinda misses the whole point of twitter, right?

2.  I have taken to drinking lemonade with mint and lime in it.  This is because for a bit Starbucks had mojito ice tea lemonade that was awesome on the college campus where I randomly am at times.  Said campus no longer has the mojito ice tea lemonade.  Cue me making it at home.  Cue me wanting it work evenings, and I can't have the caffiene and still get to sleep on time.

So now it's mint/lime/lemonade  without the ice tea.

3.  Several times a year I drag several friends to Pasadena to Rocket Fizz to get Birch Beer.  I also get Red Cream Soda, good Root Beer, and other sugar-based (no HFCS for me) sodas.  But the real reason is to get Birch Beer.  To know why this is strange, once must understand that Pasadena is 2 hours away from me.  Apparently, I am addicted to Birch Beer, and my friends are crazy enough to help me feed my habit.

4.  I am the only one I know who can go from 'eh, that's a bit high' to 'OMG, I am two feet of the ground - PANICATTACK!'.  In the same day.  Depending on how tired I am, how stressed I am, and how wonky my brain chemistry (tendency to migraines that really, really messes me with me) is at the moment.  Yep.  I can go from being okay with single story heights, to wow, sitting on the desk is way too far off the ground.    
This can change in moments due to the brain chemistry thing.  Yes, I am clearly part cat.  I can climb that tree, admire the view, and then realize that the ground is very, very far below.  

5.  Last year, I had the swine flu.  This apparently means (according to recent news) that I have some sort of superantibody to the flu.  I can believe that, because I used to pick up the flu more than once a year (oh, yes, there is more than variant most years), and I have not had the flu since I got the swine flu.

This does mean I haven't been.  Oh, no.  Lots of little colds and some big ones.  at an even higher rate than normal.  But no flu.   

My altered human power is apparently resistance to the flu.  It even has an origin story- the 10 days I spent really, really ill and quarantined when I had the swine flu.
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I have actually had something I bake fail.  Massively.

Made black bottom cupcakes.  Only instead of cheesecake goodness, cream cheese part is sticky.  Sticky.

<sigh>  But I have more cream cheese, so will try another recipe later in the week.  

I have made chocolate chip cookies, orange chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, peanut butter cookies, andes mint chip, and mint chocolate M&M cookies, and today I made mint chocolate chip brownies.  

Those all came out fine, though the mint brownies are WWWWHOOOOOOAAAA mint.

They were for Fish, so he's good with that. 

Stocking is hung and filled, presents for Fish are wrapped.  All I have to do is make creamed cucumbers for tomorrow, and wrap the gifts for Fish's family. 

M&M group is going to exchange at New Year's Year weekend, 'cause Kitarra's Christmas in January, so it's midway.  Not finished with stocking stuffers for them yet, but will be by then.  :)
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So, head cold.
So, asthma, my eternal enemy.
So, smokers, four of them, on my way to work.  2 crossed the street AFTER I did, to continue polluting my lungs.
So, hating the world, I can't breathe, and wow, if I could have breathed enough to scream at the assholes, I would have.

I yearn for the day when you won't be allowed to smoke on the street.  I really do.  I could cope if I could cross the street to get away from it, but when it's on both sides of the street, and they follow me...  it's time to make them go away.


Sep. 29th, 2010 02:22 pm
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I really wish the Democratic Party would stop hounding me for money, or hounding me to remind me to vote.

When they would like to actually accomplish something, they can talk to me.

No forward movement on DADT, a healthcare bill that isn't enough, more chipping away at the abortion rights, a whole lot of being too scared of the republications to actually accomplish anything - they can bite me. 

I am no longer voting for the lessor of two evils.  I will vote for a  politican deserves my vote.  I suspect I won't be voting for many this year.  

If there is someone that you think I should vote for, send me a link to their voting record.  Please understand that I am liberal, I am the far left kind of liberal, and I actually think taxes are good thing, so don't bother if it's a tea party candidate.


Sep. 27th, 2010 02:48 pm
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Have found something that actually helps with the Asthma, no side effects, no badness.

No clue why.

One of the Emergen-C packets - the evil black cherry death tasting packet - one to two of those per day, and I can walk for blocks, at a semi-normal speed.  Can get out of breathe without an worrying about an asthma attack.  

But by all that is green and growing, it tastes nasty.  Horrible.

I actually look at the cup and try to convince myself that breathing is optional.  Sadly, it's really not, and something that doesn't make me sick that lets me start to get my life back - it's a miracle, and I really, really need to learn to put up with the taste. 

One person has commented that' it's probably a placebo effect.  My answer to that is that I will take a placebo effect if it means I can walk more than a block or two, and that I can, you know, be outside for more than few moments again.  Don't knock a placebo effect if it, you know, works. 

I am perfectly willing to let a delusion help me, thank you.

Then again, one of the ingredients is at the 'does this do harm' stage of testing for asthma (not even 'is this effective' stage - just the 'is this going to do more harm than the ailment stage').  So, perhaps I just lucked into something that helpful. 

I am hoping that I won't need to drink it forever, that my lungs will heal somewhat, and I can go back to my normal, just don't run life.  The one where I could take dance classes, practice outside, and still breathe kind of life.
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Proposition 8 was just overturned!

The judge cited the equal protection and the due process (because of the marriages that had already taken place).

I don't have words, I am too happy.
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So, Seanan McGuire is holding a contest to give away an ARC of her book hat is due out in September.

It's a make a drink recipe, themed on the characters in the book...

And I am in the running.  With the Cantip Mojito and Coffee Buzz recipes. 

Here's the link.


Would appreciate some votes.  :)

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Insomnia has set in.

The natural food store by Todai's had a sale on bottle waters.  Since insomnia often goes hand in hand with dehydration for me, I overstocked on flavor only - no sugar or artifical sugar - waters.

Mostly Hint, some Metromint and some Fragile Planet Organic - which is a brand that I have never heard of.

Which leads us to today's edition of trying things so you don't have to -

Fragile Planet Organic Water - Vanilla Flavor.


it's vanilla ice cream.  without the cream.  and only it's water.  but it's that same damn vanilla taste as most of the normal brands of vanilla ice cream - breyers or dreyers or such, not Ben and Jerry's or Haagen Daaz.

vanilla ice cream water.

It's better than the Chocolate Mint Metromint.  At least this one is wet.  Strangely, I think it's growing on me, which is perturbing.  If I turn into a pile of sentient man-eating goo, you know you to blame the water.  


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The train was late several times last week.

I have a range of hours I need to eat in in order to not get headaches.  

This goes together in that I did not have food stashed in my bag today.  I didn't realize I had run out of the entirety of the dried fruit/nuts.

I was on the train that hit the trespasser. 

They held the train for several hours. 

My head hurts.  I was not able to get food before the headache set in,  and it got to the 'hard to get rid of' phase long before I was able to eat, and get out of the way too cold train car. 

So, I am cranky.  I do not anticipate that I will be able to get rid of the headache soon, as once they set in, they require rest and a limit of stress on my body, and I won't get either until the weekend.

I can't miss work this week either, so I am going to have to resort to pain killers, and I really, truly hate that.
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Glah.  Metrolink passed the fare increase.

My fare is going to increase by 14%. 

If I could afford a car with decent gas mileage (and felt like I was capable of driving on the highway) it would now be cheaper to drive.

I have spent years committed to public transportation.  I recently stated that even given the opportunity to drive, I would still take the train 'cause it's better for the environment, and we won't ever have decent public transportation if no one uses it.

I can't stop taking the train right now, but damn it, I will as soon as I can.

They are losing money because they don't have enough riders.  Raising the cost of crappy service doesn't solve that problem - it only makes you lose even more riders.

The trains don't run on time, they don't run often enough, and now they are far, far too expensive.    

I am wishing very bad things on the people who run it.  Very bad things indeed.
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I loathe Daylight Savings Time with a fiery passion that I normally reserve for stale tea.

I fell asleep during Lost last night.  During Lost.   Not because Lost is boring, mind you, because it is isn't, though I am pretty much down with the 'sideways' parts, but because I am now getting up at what is essentially 3:45.

Getting up at 4:45 was hard enough.  Getting up at 3:45 is impossible, and my body is not fooled.  It will not be fooled for several months, and by that time, it will be time to switch back.

It is not way too bright when I get off work, and way, way too dark in the mornings, and the gradual change that comes with the seasons would be much, much better.



Jan. 20th, 2010 11:26 am
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Today, it is damp.  It is cold.

But today, today Chimera Fancies posted new pendants, and today BPAL had an update.

An update filled with tentacles and love.

I have my very large starbucks ice tea and lemonade with one pump peppermint.

I am content.
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I went clothes shopping on Saturday - I don't really have the money, but I never will put it as a priority, 'cause I hate to clothes shop (much smaller waist than hips and being overweight with lots on top makes for _nothing_ fitting me right).

Was finally able to find some tops.  Which means I can retire the ones I have that are showing lots of wear at seams and edges (in the edges are holes kind of way).  Yeah clothes for work that look neat and nice.

Still need skirts.  Kohls had no skirts whatsoever in my size except for one very ugly one.  I wish I could afford Lane Bryant, but Kohls is pretty much it for me.  

But I accomplished the clothes shopping, and I can hold out on skirts for a month or so (the hems also are getting holes in my skirts, so I need new ones, but that's less noticeable).  

Yesterday was Brazilian BBQ - all the meat you can eat - and I gotta say, this time the servers were willing to cut smaller pieces, so got a taste of lots of yummy things  (apparently, I like quail).    My mojito was not made with rum, but with some liquor that acted like whiskey on me - I was fine, I was fine, and then wow, I was giddy.  

Today, I made myself tea, and a plate of buttered bread, cookies, and cheese and chocolate.  Then I sat down, read fanfiction, drank tea (still have half a pot) and was happy.  Then I settled down at the window to read.

I grew up in the eastern coast, next to mountains.  Much of the time I was in the mountains.  It rains a lot in the summer there.

I am used to being able to curl up with a book, tea, and rain and enjoy a lazy afternoon.  Sadly, it's only rained during work days lately here, and it only rains when it's COLD.

But today, I had a warm blanket, hours to kill, a few books that I started and then put off because they required the kinda attention I can't give them when walking on or the train, and an half pot of tea, and a couch right by the window.

I am going to go back to that spot as soon as my hair is dry (don't want to catch a chill from the draft from the window.    Will think scheming thoughts about the games I am, get out my laptop to write for the game I am running, and for the one that my best friend and I am going to run, and enjoy the rain against the window.

And watch the river that used to my sidewalk.  Thank goodness I don't need to leave the house today.
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If you think I have your phone number, I probably don't.  Windows 7 ate my iphone, factory restore brought it back, but without any data.

So, if you think I have your phone number, and you have not received an email from me, then somehow you slipped my mind, and please email me.

Iron Man 2

Dec. 17th, 2009 11:57 am
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The trailer is up! The trailer is up!

More Marvel comic movies!


Dec. 15th, 2009 08:38 am
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Been busy, not finished shopping yet, but hope to be in time for Christmas.

I have not been able to sleep for more than 6 hours at a time. As some of the time I have not been able to get a full six hours, I am now in sleep debt. With no way of getting out until my body decides that sleep is good again. This is involves talking a mile a minute about unimportant stuff. Please, if you encounter me right now, have pity on me. I hope the sleep thing will go away soon.

Someone delightful person decided to steal my train 10-pass yesterday. As it had 3 trips on it ($30 dollars worth) and I don't have time to get a new one before I need it tonight (nor the money for a 10 trip, I will have to pay more for a one way until tomorrow morning when I get paid) - I am rather put out by this. I am trying to be philosophical and I hope that whoever thought they needed it more than me really did need it more than me.

I really, really need some rock band drumming.
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Still sick.

Woke up and couldn't breathe. The boy went to work, 'cause I thought it would dim down - I thought it was just early morning coughing, with a chest cold, and I should stay home, call Kaiser, it would lessen, and I would go to the doctor that evening.

It didn't lessen at first. I called Kaiser, they told me to come in then, I didn't have any way to get there (the boy was at work and he's in the middle of a deadline project, trying hard not to get sick himself (and take care of me) and couldn't take off work that early).

So long hot steamy shower to let me BREATHE, sitting very still 'til the boy got home 'cause movement caused coughing, which caused pain and not BREATHING. Spent much of the day scared, and wondering if I should pay the 50+ for taxi, along with paying out of pocket for whatever medicine got prescribed, versus not having to go to the doctor alone (easier both physically and mentally) and being able to use the HSA. Didn't budget to be sick, and wow, just going to the doctor this month has cost me $40 so far.

Eventually, the boy could leave work, and he took me to the doctor. Who used scary words like bronchitis and pneumonia. Chest X-ray didn't show pneumonia (yeah!) but I do have bronchitis. Yeah me! for realizing I needed to go in before things got too bad. I am learning.

I had to get a "treatment" for the asthma - breathing in from this tube of gaseous medicine - it tasted horrible, made me cough (which still hurts), made me gag, but allowed to me breathe. The doctor actually talked to me, listened, gave me a go back to work date (not as early as I would like) prescribed me antibiotics, steroids, and a nice codeine cough syrup (which I won't use as much as I _should_ because of my wackiness about addictions and hang-ups about medicine). Sent me home, me with explicit come in if this happens, this is okay and normal, didn't make me feel silly for having come in.

(The doctor was suprised I had not had the asthma treatment before. I hated it, and it made me feel horrible - I was close to tears by the end - but it _worked_ in that I could breathe easier afterwards, and afterwards the chest pain was clearly muscular, when before it wasn't). Suspect should have had one during the months of asthma hell last year.

This doctor was very good at telling what the side effects of the treatment were after I took it and was in tears and panicing because of how it made me feel. His calmness, and assurances of what part was the side effects of the drug, let me moderate my own reactions to the side effects. I don't like it when my body doesn't work right, and certain things (dizziness, lightheadness, rapid pulse) tend to make me panic. I can control the panic if I know for how long those things will last, and calm down so I don't make it worse. But I need to _know_.

Very long time at the doctor's office. But he did everything he needed to do. Listened to me, heard what I was saying (which isn't normally the case - my last doctor downplayed most of my symptoms, and focused on asthma, and I suspect I did have some other infection with the asthma that time, but got tired of trying to get her to listen to me) and then told me the information I needed - what side effects were normal, which ones were come in right away, how much coughing could hurt before I had to come in - most of them tell you that the side effects aren't common, don't go into detail and that always leaves me wondering if I should mention if I get them. I like it when they tell the ones I need to report back to them. It lets me be in control of myself, and not the lady on the advice line, who doesn't know I have migraines since I was 17 and that when I tell a doctor something hurts, it means it HURTS and it is not normal. Medicine and my body don't mix well, so most of the time I get minor side effects, so it is essential for me know which ones are minor (to avoid the advice nurse helpline which isn't normally helpful).

So good doctor. Still in pain, but managable, and no longer scared. I like not being scared.
Also, soon will be gooned, as codeine goons me, and the steroids are making me jittery, and I need sleep so body can heal. So, since jittery and coughing equal no sleep, and cough syrup equals sleep, no coughing, but gooning, going to break down and use the cough syrup tonight. I will do my best not to interact with anyone while gooned.

Am Sick

Oct. 7th, 2009 08:53 pm
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I am sick.

Sunday, I woke up with a worse than that sore throat. Seriously, it was almost as bad as the mono sore throat that had the doctor saying he had never seen a conscious person with a viral count that high.

Stuffed head, weakness, exhaustian, fever, chills, slight upset of the stomach, all that crap soon followed.

Today, was a bit worried when going to the kitchen to get water left me out of breath and exhausted (fetching water should not require a nap, especially not when just had been asleep) and when the thermostat said it was 80 and I was shivering. Finally got through to someone at Kaiser who actually listened, and they got worried about other symptoms entirely - the throat and the stomach problems bothered the doctor's assistant - but they actually made me an appointment I could go to, and impressed upon me the need to.

So I went. Where I got my very own flu diagnose, the knowledge that it will indeed suck this badly, and that I am contagious for 7 days or until 24 hours after my last unmedicated no fever day - whichever is GREATER.

Apparently, I had to go in so they could check my lungs (I am on the worry list for other ailments making flu bad) and make certain I was okay. Lungs clear, I am sick but my vitals are good, and they think I will be fine. I need to take more OTC medication then I am (fever reduction stuff mainly) which isn't shocking since I don't like taking medicine. I have a warning list of things that send me back to the doctor, and a much shorter list of things that send me to the ER (not that the doctor thought either likely, mind you, just, asthma is a concern with this flu).

Overall, yes, I am going to be this exhausted and feverish, yes, it is going to be horrible and take longer than I want, but, on the bright side, I am doing rather well for having the flu.

Am bored out of my mind during the brief awake and aware periods. Too tired and hurty to do much. Why can I never get sick AFTER the trip to the library?
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Just had my bag searched. No choice if I wanted to get to work today.
It was pointless. They didn't even check the section with the heavy stuff in it.
If I had had a bomb, I would have still had it after the search.
So, really it's just a reminder that I have to give up rights in order to take public transportation.

These sort of things annoy me because it gives false sense of security - oh , the cops searched a few bags, now we know there won't be a bomb is stupid.

I don't mind the sniffer dogs, they actually have a point and I get to keep my privacy.
But I swear, I wish I could give up on public transportation. But that is not really the solution. The solution is to come up a better system then random, pointless, violations of privacy.
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When scarlet_storm asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday this year, it didn't take me a second to answer with "Rock Band".

'Cause I am a drumming goddess.

Being a very good friend, she and Tim rounded up several of my other friends who were crazy enough to want to spend an entire day playing Rock Band, and much fun ensued.

There was booze, there was music, there were friends, and one of said friends even got me Wii points for my birthday, so there was monkey-pony songs. The day was perfect.

James called, and I got to talk to him, and passed the phone around. He's way too far away, but working on not being so far away.

Everyone rocked, literally and metaphorically. Scarlet_storm even made yummy cake, and I am very particular about cake. The boy buys me ice cream cakes, because we have been unable to find a bakery cake that doesn't make me wish we didn't get one at all, that's how picky I am. But the cake she made was pound cake and cream, chocolate and grand marnier and very, very yummy.

Jerry and Norman showed up, Brandon was late, but came, Erin made it (in a very rare and awesome occurrence).

I can say that this was one of the top two, if not the best birthday I ever had.

I think the curse might be broken.

I cannot express enough how awesome my friends are, how very loved I felt, and how truly grateful I am to them.


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