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Gonna try to wear a different BPAL every day for the month of Halloween -

October 1st – Midnight Kiss – Shojo Beat, but I consider a Halloween scent.
October 2nd – Punkie Night – Halloweenie from a year before I started BPAL. Mmmm…
apple cider with cranberries
October 3rd - Bloody Mary - again, not a Halloweenie, but hey, it's Bloody Mary.


Sep. 24th, 2008 11:20 am
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Went to the gym on Friday, Monday, and will again today.  Am going to try for three times a week for the foreseeable future.  Add Tuesday fencing, and one day a week swimming (I hope to get that one in) and that should be good.  Asthma is my enemy in this endeavor, but I shall succeed, damnit.  I want my life back, and that involves being able to walk more than a snail's pace, and being able to carry my backpack full of stuff.

On Monday I was able to do 10 minutes on the bike, 3 minutes on the stairmaster, and 17 minutes worth of weights.  The dread asthma tried to defeat me but I laughed at it and was able to get a full half hour of exercise in.  

Tomorrow is Marvel, and while I like the fact that it's on Thursday, I miss having something earlier in the week to look forward to. 

I returned my library books without writing down the titles - this means that my list will once again be wrong.  This time, I don't think I can find all of them.  Ah, well.  It will be a list of, "have read _at least_ this many new books this year" not a "read this many new books this year" list.

I missed out on the Hellhound on My Trail BPAL.  I am very saddened by this, as it selling for $20 a bottle now, and I don't have that kind of money.  Lesson to self - when it should smell very good on you, and is bland, it probably will smell very good in a hour.  <sigh>  

Halloween is approaching, and I am anticipating with glee.  I need to make up my list of movies, and figure out how to best celebrate it this year. 

Comic Con

Jul. 16th, 2008 10:40 pm
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Is anyone going to comic-con? 

BPAL is doing a very limited run of a perfume that I want that will go onsale first at comic con.  If anyone is going,  I am willing to pay them to pick me up the perfume.
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So very tired.  Out of books.  Was good vacation - got books for Christmas, got BPAL for Christmas, got video game for Christmas - but while I am well again.  Am tired.

We have a game this weekend.  My Eberron group has a Firefly all their very own, though I am the only one who had the connection made for them.... the boy had to point it out.

Miss gaming.  Need more.  Need more writing.

Going to try to post at least three times a week.

The boy is having an allergic reaction to one of my BPAL and I don't know which.  Very sad and frustrating.  It's the first time.  You would think he would have before, but nope, only now.  But I got a few new imps, and 2 new bottles, so we can't tell which one.
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Well I do tend to ramble, so lj cut to spare friend's pages:

So it is bitter cold. And ther is BPAL and books. )


Sep. 4th, 2007 09:31 pm
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I left my wallet at home.  The cake I had brought in for breakfast turned out to be stale.  I had call after call after call at work.  The bus was 40 minutes late on the way home.

There were two packages waiting for me when I got in tonight.  And suddenly my day was better.  And after opening them, my day was fantastic.  One was from a BPAL swap, and one was from a BPAL buy, and wow, were both the shippers very, very generous with frimps, tea, and candy.  Everything arrived safely, and both showed a lot of thought for what I might want as a freebie.  I will be bringing all the BPAL back to my best friends house for tea and sniffy later next week.  :)

And BTW - Spooky is really all that's is cracked up to be.  Really, really good.

<floats away on a cloud of sweet smelling happiness>
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BEWITCHING BREWS - FAE - white musk, bergamot, heliotrope, peach and oakmoss.

I smell like peach and licorice.  Only not truly of licorice because well, licorice is of the evil and it makes my head hurt.  This smells good, but the best my brain can say is "licorice!".  No musk, no heliotrope, no moss (and mosses love me).  Just candied peach and that licorice clone.  Really, really amped up.  It smells like something good to eat - and I don't like peach either.
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I ended up with three of the July 2007 scents.  In bottle form.  Because they are all so damn good on me. 

Cardinal Water: the essence of feeling.
Wild lettuce, wild pear, chamomile, germanica orris, sweet pea, and mallow.

In the imp, this is really is the the smell of a creek of water with sweet pea growing on it side.  On me, I can smell the pear, but it's still water drenched sweet peal.  It mellows down to just water after a minute, but finally settles in this complex mixture of water, mallow, and cucumber.  It's very aquatic and very summer.  I don't tend to like things aimed at Cancers, despite it being my sign, but I do love the Lab's July scents.

A LITTLE LUNANCY - SELKIE 2007- The chill waters of the Orkney coast, tea-leaved willow, honey-touched Grass-of-Parnassus, sea aster, and Scottish Primrose.

In the imp, this is water and floral, and I don't recognize the floral so I assume it's sea aster.  At first, it's that same floral, the water, and another floral that I assume is the Grass-of-Parnsassus.  After a minute, it's a spring day on a lake with lilies and sea asteres growing on the side.  But the final scent, the scent it morphs to with a bit of time is spring water, lovely spring spring water that melts into my skin and makes it seem like a part of me.  I smell like water and outdoors and yet it smells like me. 

This is the scent of a summer storm: thick black clouds pass over this full moon, the Goddess roars, and Her Beloved hurls his forked bolts of lightning in the distant sky. Ozone deepened by liquid amber, and a spray of hot nighttime rain mingled with the scent of lightning-struck wood, water-soaked summer blooms, and sun-scorched grass.

In the imp, all I can smell is water and ozone, but on me there is this cucumber smells.  The amber quickly comes out and the ozone amps up.  It really boils down to ozone, and a hint of amber - but since amber is my most often worn scent (before BPAL) it smells to me like I am in the middle of a sumemr storm.

The lab frimped me a imp of Black Cat and it is of the good:

Voodoo Blends - Black Cat -
A very tricky kitty, indeed. Used most often as a key to bringing back the joy one needs to have in life in order for living to feel worthwhile. Brings back a sense of delight in simple pleasures, and creates a surge of childlike curiosity and a youthful sense of fun. This blend can also be used to reverse troublesome lesser crossings, create a playful air of catlike sexuality, and, because cats will be cats, it can also be used to throw minor, irritating or bothersome hexes, causing small amounts of chaos and disruption to your foes.

I smell green mint in the imp, and then a waves of mint, citrus and pine on me.  It morphs to a pretty sweet green herbal smell.  But the final morph ends up being a complex blend that I can't pick out any one thing, a blend that is playful and warm and makes me very, very happy.  I need a bottle.  I need a bottle and to carry around this imp because I can't not be happy wearing it. 

And finally, the one I really regret not getting a bottle of while it was available and it depresses me that I can't find a bottle that someone want to sell --

Tarot Oils - The Fool - no desc given, based on the Tarot Card.
It's doublemint gum in the imp.  On me it's sweet, growing, herbal spearmint that ends up slightly fruity.  The boy likes it on me.  It's one of two scents he likes on me.  <mourns>  It's like it's summer, and I am 18 again, and helping Dot out in the herb garden.

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This is what I am supposed to smell like:

BPAL - The Mad Tea Party - The Caterpillar.
Heavy incense notes waft lazily through a mix of carnation, jasmine, bergamot, and neroli over a lush bed of dark mosses, iris blossom, deep patchouli and indolent vetiver.

Sound good, right?  Alas, alas, alas, I smell like carnations.  I like carnations.  But where is my moss, my wonderful moss that smells so damn good on me, the vetiver to darken, the bergamot to give it that mint kick that also smells so good on me.  They are gone defeated by the carnation.  By carnation and carnation alone shall I smell.   No incense, no darknening, just lush, BRIGHT carnation.

I think my perfume thinks I am someone else.  Someone who is happy and shiney and bright. 


Jun. 19th, 2007 08:35 am
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So, this morning, I put on the Velvet BPAL.

Before it was a nice mix of chocolate and sandalwood.  But at different times, scents will react with one's body chemistry differently.

Today it smells like chocolate cake baking.  The warm,  rich smell that fills up the entire houes and lets you know that cake will be done SOON!

I win.

That is all.
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Monster Bait: Bloody Mary - Chunky, glistening red fruits with sweet cream accord, black clotted cherry, and powdered sugar!

So, when I was little, there were candies that cost $0.01/piece.  We called them penny candy, and our neighborhood store had an entire shelf that you could pick pieces by the piece, all for one cent each.

My favorites were the cherry dollars - very much like the cinnamon dollars you can get now - a coin shaped cherry gummy candy.  It also had a hint of cinnamon because there were the cinnamon dollars back then two, and because they were stored together, the cherry picked up a bit of the cinnamon flavor from absorbing the smell.

In the bottle it smells like spicy black cherry - like A-Treat's Black Cherry Soda.   Wet on me, it smells like black cherrys with a faint hint of sugar.
It morphs into red cherry chewing gum.  But dry and a few minutes latter, it is the cherry dollar of my childhood.

Gah.  I want more.  Or I don't.  Because I can't get those candies and this makes me want them very badly.  But it smells so damn good. 

<mopes> And someone is selling a bottle of Nuclear Winter but I don't get paid until next week.
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So, in the interest of having this somewhere that I can access, I am going to review my BPAL here.

First, the good stuff.  All of these are things I desperately want bottles of before I run out of the imp.  Nuclear Winter is going to be the hardest, dammit and it's the one I want most of all. 

Monsterbait: Tokyo StompA sweet and crisp vanilla mint!

So, in the imp this smells like a nice, sugary vanilla mint.  On me, when it's wet it smells like sugary vanilla.  The sugar proceeds to knock on te vanilla's door, call it out and throughly trounce the vanilla as it dries to make it smell like OMG! minty sugar cookie.  Only, not the good homemade sugar cookie.  That nasty way-to-sweet artificially sweetened sugar cookie of your youth.  Luckily this smells quickly fades to the final scent - a minty creamy smell that smells like chocolate mint chip ice cream.  Only without the chocolate.  I am still pondering this, because there is no chocolate smell, and yet my nose keeps saying "mmmmm chocolate mint ice cream".  So just has to get past the sugar cookie of doom smell to get to the good stuff.

Discontinued - Yule: Nuclear Winter: Annihilation. The ice, desolation and barrenness of nuclear devastation shot through by a beam of radioactive mints.

In the imp, this smells minty good.  But wet, it smells like generically floral mint.  As it drys, it picks up a faint vanilla scent, the mint overpowers the floral and becomes an herbal, not sweet scent.  The final scent is that of a nice green mint with a whiff of vanilla - no flowers or sugar to dilute the minty growing smell.  It's not toothpaste or mouthwash, it is the scent of a freshly picked mint on a summer's day.

General Catalog - Sin and Salvation - DorianA Victorian fougere with three pale musks and dark, sugared vanilla tea.

In the imp this smells just like vanilla tea.  Wet, it smells like a nice musky vanilla, which fades to a nice sugared vanilla.  When it is fully dry - it is a nice sugared vanilla tea - with just enough musk to remind you that it is a perfume.  I love this smell, it makes me think of Sunday afternoons with my friends when we go out to tea.

General Catalog - Wanderlust - Tombstone: A rugged, warm blend of vanilla, balsam and sassafras layered over Virginia cedar.

When I first got this one, I was desperate for a good rootbeer.  The old fashioned kind made with real herbs and real sugar, dark as sin and sweet as a popiscle on a summer's day.  When I sniffed the imp, I thought this was going to be a woodsy scent, because all I smelled was cedar.  Wet, it smells like a nice vanilla/fir/sassafras smell - but it dries, oh how it dries, down to nice root beer smell.  The kind that has real vanilla, real sugar, and real sassafras.   Mmmmm..... root beer.  Yep, we are discovering that Tikiera's like to smell like food. 

General Catalog - Love Potions - Severin : Dry black teas, Earl Gray, and leather.

In the imp, this smells like earl grey.  A nice tea and bergamont scent.  But wet, the leather whips itself out and dominates.  As it drys, the leather smell and tea smell compete - each trying to take advantage of the other.  But the final smell is that of all three notes - tea and bergamont and leather - in  wierd trio that works very well. 

General Catalog - Love Potions - O: Amber and honey with a touch of vanilla.

In the imp this is just honey and amber.  Wet, it is the stench of honey, but if you wait, and the wait is worth it, it becomes a nice vanilla amber with just a hint of something sweet.  Well, well, worth the wait.  Amber and vanilla used to be my signature scent, and this is yards above anything else I can find.

But heart is with the Nuclear Winter.  MMMmmmmmm herbal mint.    MMMmmmmmm.
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So, I had a headache from this rotten no good awful day.

I put on my perfume (had forgotten).  Am trying out BPAL perfume, some of it is eh, some of it is love, some of it OMGmustgetmore.

Today's is OMGIcanbelievehowgoodismell. 

It's also a discontinued limited edition that I bought 'cause I was buying another one for a gift for a friend, and well, I like mint.

I am torn between the love of the perfume (Nuclear Winter in all it's minty not sweet goodness) and the <headdesk> of how much a bottle of it is going to cost me on ebay (when I can find it).  But it is of the good, so much so that my headache is gone.  The minty is mint enough to trick my body into thinking it's real mint.  It was the last bit I needed to get the darn motrin to kick in.

And my imp leaks.  It leaks.  The precious, it LEAKS.  <whimpers> 

<goes back to alternate sniffing her wrists and whimpering until her break is over>
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Notes that I like - AMBER!!, Black Cherry!!, VANILLA!!, Cherry, Tea, MINT!!!, Sweet Pea, Carnation, Sandalwood, All chocolate except Bliss!, Vanilla, Wine, Merlot, White Wine, Champagne, Leather, Peach, Ozone, Metal, APPLE!!!

I tend to want water based, woods based, ambers, anything sweet with cherry, or mint based.   Beth's apple notes also love me.

I do not very flowerly blends.  I have tried and hated Hunger and Hemlock.  And now Beaver Moon hates me.  Please no vetiver or lavender.  All I will smell on me is the lavender or vetiver.

I want... ) 
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These are the lovelies that don't smell good on me or that I own a bottle of, and 1 bottle is enough.

On to Sale )


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