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I drove on the road for the first time in my life this weekend.

Friday evening was spent driving around the parking lot.

And then, with no warning, the boy decided it was time to take me to the road.

Now, I normally say 'surprise good'. But I gots to tell you, finding out that your teacher feels like you can manipulate a very large mass around streets with squishy people is kinda frightening. Terrifying even. Especially when you there is no warning and *whamp* you are driving on streets with people in cars, people crossing the street and small children.

Small children who clearly don't know you are a new driver and think it's fun to roller skate where you should be driving.

I would make a comment about how the kids how no sense of danger, but then, I had no real sense of danger when I was a kid.

Dark closet was to be avoided at all costs on pain of bogeyman - 4 inch concrete strip between two very deep pools was to be crossed at high speeds despite a lack of any knowledge of how to swim.

So, I haven't hit anything, and I seem to be doing better on the actual street than in the parking lot, and I can drive at speeds up to 30 miles an hour (though it scares me and I much rather be at the nice safe, fast for me speed of 20 miles per hour.

Still not on big streets with lights yet, just small residential streets.

But watch out world, here I come!
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So, I am still not able to drive on the street. Just in the parking lot.

The boy is fairly patient - but he is not good with the feedback. Things like, am I in a lane? Would I hit cars if there were other cars here? If I ask, he tells me. But if I don't ask, he assumes that I know how I am doing. And we don't have enough cones to make a lane.

I have no spatial sense. Zip nada none.

This of course makes it very complicated to learn how to drive. Since the majority of driving seems to involve spatial sense while moving.

So I am not only learning the mechanics of driving, I am having to teach myself spatial sense.

I really, truly hope it something that one can learn.

Or I will never get out of the parking lot.

And I am really getting sick of making the same turn a zillion times in a row.


So, iggycat and I watching V: the television series.

She is an ideal person to watch this with - for she too is much with the snark. The television series verison of V cannot watched without snarking. It is cheesy, the acting is atrocious and the special effects are ridiculous.

At one point the snark was "That is a plastic paratrooper. Nope, it's a G.I. Joe doll. No, really, _it is_ a G.I. Joe doll"

In today's episode, the hair of the main character distracted me so much I missed the dialogue. It was 80's hair - sprayed and teased - and it was boy hair. But it looked like it could defeat the snakes all by itself and then take on godzilla.

That's the kind of show it is.

One really should consume alcohol while watching it. Alas, alak, I seemed to have left the majority of the good stuff at scarlet_storm's.


The boy and I saw Taxi this weekend. It was train wreck from start to finish. I picked the film because of the actress, but sadly, she could not save the film. Not even the surprise scense with the actor who played Lindsay from Angel could save the show.

The boy even let me jeer at the movie and such is normally FORBIDDEN when watching a movie with him.

I kinda wish Lindsay from Wolfram and Hart had been in the film. He would have killed them all, stole the money for himself, and then retired to play the guitar.

That would have been better.

Hell, a torch to the film stock would have been more entertaining.


I am desperately waiting for season 4 of alias to come out on DVD. As with the season 8 of SG-1. As neither have finished, I will be waiting for a very long time.

Alias is a guilty pleasure. The plots are so convoluted that you can guess the next twist - because there is _always_ another twist.

but I am caught up on Alias, SG-1, Gilmore Girls. I have finished Buffy, Angel, Babylon 5 and Dark Angel.

We are in the middle of 4400 and at the start of the second season of Farscape.
I am in the middle of season 3 of the west wing.

But I don't know where to go next.


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