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I spent Wed night playing Rock Band/rping my high schooler Secret Invasion character. 

I love drums.  I so very love drums.  I got an 87% on easy on a song!

Thursday was Secret Invasion.  Again.  Which is seriously great.

Then Friday had a downer of a headache, but the store that sells me the delightful East Coast sodas had Aleve.  I sometimes think that store is a expression of love from the Universe - it had headphones when I needed them to stay sane (at only $2), it has sodas to keep me from getting homesick, occasionally stocks European chocolates (oddly enough when I need them most), has corn muffins (CORN MUFFINS!) and how many stores have single packet Aleve?  Apparently the guy remembered conversations with several of his regulars where we had randomly talked about using that more than the other pain killers he had, so he stocked up.   It's the miracle shop.  Now if only could get birch beer...

Friday continued with a nap, then more Secret Invasion.  Abby was surprised to win homecoming queen (even though she had been campaigning hard for herself and her cousin - she thought her cousin the cheerleader would win or the magically enhanced head chearleader that makes the other cheerleaders lose their inhibitions).  Then the dance was interrupted by giant fireball and doom and destruction.  Such is the life of a superpowered teen.  I love that character.     She's the kind of girl who can be very, very grateful that the high school member of the villain team came and sat with her when her brother was burned and unconscious in the hospital, and still be worried that they should be turning in the same villain team and that they are wrong for not doing so because the villians know their secret identity.    But then, the villians will end up in the gulang, and maybe they are redeemable - and won't be in they go to jail without a trial - so what is a girl to do?  Hug the villain as you send her home, and try to be friendly and a good example, knowing you might have to beat them down to stop them at a future date. 

Saturday was Call of Cthulu - which I failed at.  Enabled the winning of the game for the others, but my husbanding seeking hedonist ended up permently in the body of her worst enemy - a male not as rich body at that.  I didn't have as much fun at that game because I had one character goal - find someone to love her - and every male in the group was engaged/married/in love with another PC/hated her.

Seriously, I can get over playing a 1930s one dimensional character, but can I pretty please have a goal that I can actually pursue?

I spent yesterday shopping and chopping/blanching/freezing veggies.

I gots me a Mr. Coffee ice tea maker!  Scarlet_storm has one, and I am obessive with ice tea, so when BB&B had one for $20, I had to get it.

We shall see, my precious, we shall see if it is as good for me as it was for her.

There are lots of peppers frozen, chopped and ready to be put in foods - thus solving my  "I like peppers and there are no pre-mixed pepper frozen veggies that aren't mostly icky veggies or have onions in the mix" problem.

When one is a picky eater, they must make their own fun.  When one is highly allergic to the most common veggie, then one is compelled to make their own fun, or not eat.

Got caught up in Supernatural yesterday.  Oh, Sam, Sam, Sam... going evil to save your friend and family _never_ turns out well. 

My Seanan McGuire CD - Red Roses and Dead Things - is on it's way to me, and I shall have to stalk the mailbox this week.

It's Mad.  SCIENCE!!!!  and zombies and supernatural creepy things.  What's not to love!  I cannot recommend her enough, I really can't. 

Tonight is Lost!!!!!!!
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<giggle>  Learn something everyday. 

I was on the first on-line multiplayer gaming system.  Shadow of Yserbius.  I was so sure that something had to come before, but someone told me nope, wikipedia supports it, and I can't find anything else earlier.

I wonder if I have encountered any I gamed with then in other incarnations. 


Mar. 7th, 2007 12:41 pm
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Did you know there were two different versions of Hallujah?  There's the Jeff Buckley version as per the Shrek soundtrack - it's a song about love gone wrong and overall, paints love as something that is always depressing and bad.

Then there's the original Leonard Cohen version.  It's got the same two first verses - setting up the metaphor for love as music, but then it changes.  Where the other one is a bitter hymn to how bad love is - the Cohen version is defiantly of the opinion that while  this love went bad, when he meets his maker, at least he will know he gave love a try.  Not love as always bad, but as always worth trying for.  It's amazing to me how it changes the whole song.

Cohen version is the one I loved and knew, couldn't remember it, found the Buckley version, was always feeling that the song was 'off' and now that I found the Cohen version, I can get it out of my head.

Cohen -  two bits -

3rd verse (bit)
"There's a blaze of light
In every word
It doesn't matter which you heard
The holy or the broken Hallelujah "

4th verse (bit)
"And even though
It all went wrong
I'll stand before the Lord of Song
With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah"
Buckely - 

entire 4th verse
well, maybe there's a god above
but all i've ever learned from love
was how to shoot somebody who outdrew you
it's not a cry that you hear at night
it's not somebody who's seen the light
it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah"

On another note -  Never running another game again.  Some people have the talent, and some people suck with a giant S.  I am in the latter category.

I gave it a shot, too long of a shot, and now am done.  It's kinda a relief. 

But it does mean no Eberron campaign. 
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Songs I am Listening to:

1. "Bleed for Me" Saliva - Daredevil Soundtrack
I loved the Daredevil Soundtrack - it's one of the few CDs I bought new after the RIAA started sueing people. I have a policy to not buy CDs new - but the music was so good, I had to break down and buy it. This song is one my favorite one from the soundtrack.

2. "Defying Gravity" - Wicked Soundtrack -
I heard bits of the Wicked Soundtrack during Halloween of last year and it became my favorite musical. A musical where the majority women's songs are about each other - or the plot (not the romantic plot, the main plot)? The story of the two friends is more important then the story of them and their boy, and really, how often is women's friendship made more important than their love stories? This song is about not letting anyone hold you back.

3. & 4. "Don't Tell Me" - Avril Lavigne and "My Happy Ending" - Avril Lavigne
Avril is my favorite singer right now. In the songs she sings, the girls who are done wrong get angry, not moping. And I always favored clean anger over despair. These are the only two I have at work.

I wish she had been around when I was in high school.

"My Happy Ending" is on Ghost's List.

5. Resist - Rush
Rush is on my long-term list of songs. Resist is one my decision songs

6. Stories I Tell - Toad the Wet Sprocket
This is a band that really resonates with me, and this song in particular. I am glad I found my TtWS CDs. As far I know, I am the only one who likes this band.

7. All Fired Up - Pat Benatar
This is a Ghost song - it's the song I picked up for her when we restarted the Marvel game - it's the song for her rejoining the team after the hiatus. Sadly, this did not carry through in the play, she got very dark very fast.

8. Bad Moon Rising - Credence Clearwater Revival
Only CCR can make such a unhappy song so upbeat.

The chorus is "don't go out tonight, it's bound to mean to take your life"

9. You Can Do Magic - America
This is on my playlist that I am picking Marvel stuff from.

10. DArk Secret - Matthew Sweet
From the Craft Soundtrack.

11. It's All Been Done Before - Barenaked Ladies
From my Marvel list. It's the dimension hopping song.

12. Pray Your Gods - Toad the Wet Sprocket
Also from my Marvel list

13. Long Day - Matchbox 20
It's from my Ghost List

Ghost's List
"My Happy Ending" - Avril Lavigne
"Under the Water" - Jewel
"All Fired Up" - Pat Benatar
"Long Day" - Matchbox 20

Marvel List
"Resist" - Rush
"Bad Moon Rising" - Credence Clearwater Revival
"It's All Been Done Before" - Barenaked Ladies
"Pray Your Gods" - Toad the Wet Sprocket
"Who'll Stop the Rain" - Credence Clearwater Revival
"Hero" Nickelback

Cam Stuff

Nov. 8th, 2004 09:01 pm
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Yep. Eris died. Thought she would. Adren ahourn black fury with more gumption than actual ability. But she died the way she should, teeth clenched on a Elder BSD.

I never had the time to play here like I wanted - Sam took up all my local game time, but next to Sam, she was favorite Cam character.

Hope the rest of the pack came through okay.


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