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1.  I haz apples.  Orin, Stayman Winesap, Pippin, Spartan, Lura Red, Matsu.

I come from the east coast, where apple season is most of autumn, and you get the best apples out on the highway at a road side stand.  And they come in more than the few varieties one can get at the supermarket here - Gala, Red Delicious, Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Fiji, and the occasional McIntosh.  Seriously, how can there not be winesaps in every store?

It was too early in the season for Arksansa Black and few others i wanted, so will have to hit them up later in the season.

I have way too many apples, am eating 2-3 per day, and haven't felt this healthy in quite some time.  Apparently tikiera's run on apples, and well, I got sick of Granny Smiths, Honeycrisps, and Pink Ladys (the only ones I like of that which is commonly in stock).

Mmmm.... Orins and Winesaps.  I have had three apples today.  I don't need to eat anymore.  But I might still...

Can you get sick from eating to many apples?

2.  Life continues to like to hit me upside the head and shoulders, but it's just a mild beating compared to the month where my step-father came within a hair of a heart attack, my aunt went back into the hospital, and my father lost his partner of 30 years.  Seriously, I am good.  Stressed, but not nearly as stressed as that month.  October comes with soothing, soothing Halloween, so as long as the world doesn't decide to top the worst month of them all, I will be good.

My stepfather is fine, but taking many more medications - my mother got him into the hospital BEFORE the heart attack, there are apparently medicines that can prevent such, and the tests afterwards indicated no heart attack occurred (there was doubt for some time).  My mother can be awesome.  My aunt is good some days, worse others, but mostly not in the hospital.

My father is not coping well, people are beginning to avoid him because of it (it's hard to cope with someone who blames themselves for a loved one's death, especially when that loved one lived with Stage cancer for many more years than the doctors thought they would).  He keeps bringing up him wanting me to move back "home" and soon I will have to have the "talk" with him about the realities of the situation.  I have asthma.  That area still allows smoking in restaurants.  There are no jobs.  Health care is linked to jobs.  I have been to urgent care twice this year because breathing was too hard and I needed an asthma treatment.  Even if I wanted to move back (I don't), doing so would kinda put my life in danger due to no-health insurance (no job I could find would offer it if I could find a job), asthma, and trigger events (smokers) being pretty common.  His insistence of talking about how much he wants me to move back are painful for him and for me, and they need to stop. 

3.  Reading - Libraries are awesomesauce.  I have read many, many books this year, will read many more, and am getting caught up in the series that I could not afford.  Also have been buying $1.99 and $2.99 kindle books because that is what i can afford, and wow, have found some god ones.  Marion Harmon's Wearing the Cape is a pretty good superhero book for it's price - it's solidly a good read, won't make you think, and the sequel is being put out in $1.99 installments, and I have bought two already, so clearly I like it. 

4.  TV Shows - am caught up on Supernatural.  Am a season behind in Fringe.  Am behind in Burn Notice, Warehouse 13, and Eureka.  Glah.  The Boy is stressed and tired, and that means less TV for me.   See above about books.  However, I did discover Young Justice and the Avenger's Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoons and they are half hour long TV crack. 

5.  It's the month of Halloween!  Orange and purple and green spring from everywhere.  If they were going to design a holiday just for me, it would be Halloween, and I get to share it with the world!  Tomorrow I shop online for OPI glow in the dark nail polish and black crackle and orange nail polish.  And get Night of the Comet and inflict it on all my gaming group. I have three halloween events scheduled this month, and would schedule more if I could afford them.
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Halloween is my favorite day of the year.

And today is cool and damp, cloudy and foggy.

The weather loves me. It did rain this morning - which made Bastion bark at the water falling from the sky. I can understand how the puppy got confused - water from the sky is a very rare event in California. scarlet_storm was nice enough to drive me to the bus station, and it was done raining by the time I got out of the car.

Lovely, perfect, spooky weather. And the exercise is paying off, as my joints really don't bother me all that much - I think I will take an aleve with lunch, and that should do me for the day.

My costume is kinda lame, as I have not time these days - fencing, gaming, exercise, life maintence (cleaning, washing clothes, and commuting) and gaming leave me with little to no free time, and when I add on to that "cooking halloween treats" for one of my gaming groups, it left with me no free time - but happy gamers - in the past couple of weeks. Seriously. When your free time is a Friday, you know you life is busy.

I have lovely music from Seanan McGuire - if you don't know her, she's a filker who supplies me with songs about dead things and mad science, demons and hellmouths, the black death and selkies. What's not to love? The sequel to Monster Mash, some random ghost and monster themed music, and Blacq Audio - because sometimes Halloween needs a techno track - are keeping me alert and happy.

Tonight there will be drinking and dancing and singing, and I get to wear the green dress. All is right in my world.

Though, I could use some pumpkin doughnuts. They are the only thing pumpkin (other than jackolanterns) that isn't hideous, and well, part of me wishes I hadn't tried one, because they are GOOD.

Haven't decided on my BPAL for today. I might rotate, and start with Graveyard dirt. I love oddly named, oddly smelling, delightly me perfume.

'Cause sometimes a girl just wants to smell like fresh dirt. If that girl is me.


Sep. 24th, 2008 11:20 am
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Went to the gym on Friday, Monday, and will again today.  Am going to try for three times a week for the foreseeable future.  Add Tuesday fencing, and one day a week swimming (I hope to get that one in) and that should be good.  Asthma is my enemy in this endeavor, but I shall succeed, damnit.  I want my life back, and that involves being able to walk more than a snail's pace, and being able to carry my backpack full of stuff.

On Monday I was able to do 10 minutes on the bike, 3 minutes on the stairmaster, and 17 minutes worth of weights.  The dread asthma tried to defeat me but I laughed at it and was able to get a full half hour of exercise in.  

Tomorrow is Marvel, and while I like the fact that it's on Thursday, I miss having something earlier in the week to look forward to. 

I returned my library books without writing down the titles - this means that my list will once again be wrong.  This time, I don't think I can find all of them.  Ah, well.  It will be a list of, "have read _at least_ this many new books this year" not a "read this many new books this year" list.

I missed out on the Hellhound on My Trail BPAL.  I am very saddened by this, as it selling for $20 a bottle now, and I don't have that kind of money.  Lesson to self - when it should smell very good on you, and is bland, it probably will smell very good in a hour.  <sigh>  

Halloween is approaching, and I am anticipating with glee.  I need to make up my list of movies, and figure out how to best celebrate it this year. 


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