Sep. 25th, 2008 02:54 pm
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Went to the gym last night.

10 minutes on the bike, heart rate between 160 and 180 (190 is red line whatever that means except don't do it), with an average of 174.
The weights.  Worked mostly on arms.  Dammit, I am stuck on the lowest setting on the vast majority of the weights.  The other people using the weights, they are all down in the middle of the weights.  Me?  I am on the lightest you could put the peg, or god forbid, for one of them, no peg at all (which is only 10 pds).

20 minute total for that, but since it's 10 reps, take a few breathes, 10 reps, breathe, 10 reps, move on to new machine, I don't think that one counts for full time.  Or maybe it does, because my heart rate never went down. 

So, then, I thought, 5 minutes on the patternmaster, let's top the 3 you did last week.  Gah.  I managed the 5 full minutes, but not at a step rate I liked, and again, I kept going to close the red line heart rate when I tried to increase the step rate, and well, I don't think I could have have done 5 minutes of higher step rate.  But I averaged only 90-100 steps per minute, and the boy was at 130-140.  

I was disappointed in myself, so instead of calling it a night, and since the boy wasn't done yet, I like an idiot thought, you can handle the treadmill, right?

Wrong.  I, like the self-competitive idiot that I was, kept upping the speed and the incline until I felt like it was "exercise".  This lead to me having to take down the speed to keep my heart rate out of the red area.  I knew after 2 minutes I should have stopped, but I was committed to 5 minutes.  

At the end of the five minutes, I was dizzy, nauseauted, and had hand tremors.   Couldn't catch my breathe, but I couldn't hear wheezing and I had already used my inhaler.

35 minutes of exercise, 20 of it weight lighting, and I get physically sick.

I hurt today, and I feel like I had a badasthma attack yesterday.  I didn't - at least not a bad one - I wasn't wheezing and while it took me a bit to catch my breath at the end, I wasn't unable to breath, it was just as if I was really out of shape (which I am.)


And my weight is higher than before I started the exercising.  I can't be developing muscle already, it's only been three times.  But golly, gee, higher?  Eating less and exercising is higher?


Nov. 29th, 2006 10:03 pm
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So, on Friday, the boyfriend picked up NWN2 (Neverwinter Nights 2) - it was on sale for $25, and it's one of those computer games that retails for $60+ bucks.

Let's put it this way.  $25 might have been spending too much for it.

It blows big monkey chunks. 

The game play is less intuitive then the first game - you have to make more clicks and they got rid of the radial menus and didn't replace them with anything.
The game is buggy as all hell.
The graphics for the people?  Sims2 does it better.  They have fewer actions and less available motions then the first game. 
The camera angles suck.  In the first game,  you eventually found a groove and found the right angle to play in.   Even the boyfriend is having problems finding the right angle.  'Cause they are all the wrong angle.  Entering a room is kinda deadly - you can't bloody well see to kill the bad guys. 

AND they editor to the game practically requires a computer degree to use. 

I don't know who their market was for this game (except for those of us who went "shiney" and bought the game without reading the reviews.  will never do so again).

It ain't the people who loved the original for the ability to add player content - that ain't gonna happen, not with the clunky editor they have.
It ain't the people who love persistent worlds - their is a world map.  An "everyone must go the world map cause one person did" world map.  Not a running through areas to get somewhere kinda of map, but a here's a map and now click on a place to get there kinda map. 
It ain't the people who want cool graphics, 'cause you can only look at so much landscape, and again, the people models are less pretty the original.
It ain't the people who want gore, 'cause the fights are less graphic.
It ain't the people who wanted ease of game play 'cause it's clunkier than most games I have played.  Even my boyfriend has problems, and he's good at learning at the tricks and shortcuts.

Really, its the dumb people.  Don't be dumb.   Play the original.  It's expansion packs and persistent worlds.
Grrr.  What the hell were they thinking?


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