Jul. 6th, 2008 02:58 pm
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The problem with being recovering from being sick is that my immune system is stressed.

I got very sick  very late last night - stomach and so forth, and was stressing that I was getting sick again.  Felt fine this morning, fine until I eat and drank, and then, voila, sick.  I had gone to the movies, and was worried that staying up to 2 am was a very bad idea, even though I had been fine for a day and a half.

So I look at at what I ate.  Normal food.  Food I ate yesterday without problem.

Then I look at what I am drinking.  Same thing I drank at the movies - Dragonfruit Vitaminwater.  They had a special of a bottle for a dollar which is much cheaper than normal, so I got one for the movies, and one for home.  I ended up drinking most of the first bottle after the movie.

So the Dragonfruit isn't artificially colored anymore.  Now it is colored with vegetable juice.

One bet what the most common red vegetable juice used to color is?  That's right.  Tomato juice.  I have been drinking death and not knowing it.   It's probably small enough that I don't know the upset to my system most of the time.  But right now when cigarette smoke makes me cough for an hour and the fumes from frying onions makes my skin break out?

Nope, I can't handle that tiny amount of raw tomato right now.  It's like I sat down and munched half a tomato, and now I know why I was so horrendously sick last night.

I don't want to read the label on everything I eat and drink, but I am going to have to for a week or so.
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very sick.  very very sick.

work was very cold on friday, even with my heater.  which means the illness i was fighting off, it won.

i hate being sick.


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