Mar. 20th, 2009 01:08 pm
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Went to subscribe to the Isle of Eden forum.  Have gotten some items from them in group orders before.  Was always upset at the TAT being about double what I had been told it would be, wasn't going to order again.

Started thinking about "well, if I order something with months to spare from when I need it...", tried to join their forum to see if there were any discussions about the time to arrival and why it was so messed up.

Got an email back.  Asking me for my real name.  For spamming purposes.  Reasonable.

Then they want any other names I use on any other forums.

Which is really kinda ridiculous. 

So I tell them "no."  I tell them that this ridiculous and violation of my privacy.  To be clear - it was all other forums.    

I got an email back telling me that they have been having trouble with people 'bashing' the company on other forums - no mention of what kind - and they are policing other forums.   It was dressed up with language about wanting to make their forum a safe and comfortable place.

But really, they want to make certain you don't complain about them anywhere else.  When their time to arrival has always been at least double what the website said.   'Cause there is nothing to complain about there.

I am not even going to answer their last email to me.    And I am going to go find some forums to 'bash' them on.  

So Isle of Eden, you suck.  I just wanted to see if the time to arrival was going to clean up before Christmas, and maybe read a few reviews of products so I would know what to get people from the general catalog for Christmas.  Instead, I am going to make certain to mention the 2-3 month wait for the scrubs at every opportunity that comes up.  

Really good scrubs.  Really bad time to arrival.  Really insane idea that I am going to give up my privacy for the sake of being 'policed' by their company.  

I think that any such products I will be giving out this year will come from Woobie and Villainess.  'Cause they don't care who I am on any forums, and just grateful when their good service and great products gets good reviews from me - they don't try to keep me giving bad reviews by anything other, than you know,  making a good product and sending it out promptly.


Nov. 3rd, 2008 04:27 pm
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Very bad vibes to Primetime Shuttle.

I make my reservation online because the wait is too long on the phone.

It all goes through.

Then they call me to tell me that the need to pick me up 25 minutes earlier. Since it was already obscenely early, the new time moves it into no way in hell I will be awake that hour.

The kicker??? They waited to tell me that the time they had confirmed was no good until AFTER they charged my credit card. And their cancellation policy is such that I have to wait 30 days for it to come back.

I am angry. I wish death and destruction on them. I can't really afford to wait 30 days to get my money back.

To clarify - I check my bank account after making the reservation. The charge is listed as literally less than minute from the start of the call to tell me that the time had changed.

And I lost my temper with the poor CSR - their phone tree is dumb and doesn't have an option for cancellations, nor does it have anyone ever answer unless you are making a reservation. And the reservation people take forever to put you through to the people who can help you, so by the time I got through to the person who wanted to tell me why this was all my fault (and tried to) I was already mad.

I don't care if they say it's subject to change. Changing to before 5 am when the flight isn't until 8 am isn't cool.


Mar. 28th, 2007 02:47 pm
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Wow.  Got my form letter back from Border's. 

They are positive that I will be forced to realize that they rewards program is the best, even with the changes.

Not a single point I made was brought up, and really, I wasn't the target audience.   That was very clear by it's condescending tone.  I think I am going to go home and cut up my Border's card.  It will make me feel better.

Congratulations Borders!  You go from "I love this company" to "company to actively disparage whenever possible".

Hell, if they had told me they were making the change because the old program cost them too much,  I could have forgive them.  But talking down to me with a form letter?  I can choose to spend my money elsewhere, and I will.
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So, I spent the last year and a half singing Border's praises.  It had an awesome rewards program -  5% of what you spent in the year went into a account that you could spend in December - a freebie that meant that during the Christmas shopping season you either got a bit more to spend on gifts, or could use to buy  yourself a gift (and a ton  of new books come in December - always been a problem for me with not wanting to spend money on myself, but wanting the new books).  You also got personal shopping days if you spent over a certain amount in one month that gave you a %10 saving on a day of your choice.

I signed up.  Carried the card everywhere (for those random must buy book emergencies).  Gave one to my boyfriend.  Urged friends to get the card.  (It was free and had benefits)  Didn't buy new books anywhere else  - not for myself, not for gifts, nada.  No one bought a book around me that wasn't at Borders because, hey, free books at the end of the year - it felt wasteful to go to anywhere else, so I would gently persuade the purchaser that my card at Borders was a better deal than B&N.    Ended up having to (in that year and a half) buy one book at B&N 'cause it was a last minute Christmas gift that no Borders in a 60 mile radius had (and we did check) - and it felt _wrong_  'cause I knew I was essentially losing money - no potential discount days or books back.

So, I get an email today.  Borders is oh so happy to announce their new program.  No more personal shopping days.  No more once a year free books.

Now it's spend $150, get a $5 credit that is good for one month.  The month immediately after you spend the $5.  They think this is  _better_

It is.  Only for them.

Well, I am not going to keep track of how much I spend and realize when it's above $150.  Especially since many of the purchases made on my rewards card weren't by me - they were by any given friend who needed a book when I was around.

And really, what besides the burt's bee's lipglosses and chocolates at the front $5 in a book store?  The days of the $5 paperback are _gone_.

The program is clearly designed to give as little benefit possible - and to make the benefit as inconvenient to use as possible so that it isn't used.

So, Borders went from a 10 on my scale of customer loyalty to a -10. 

New books will have to come from, I guess, and I will have to factor in the shipping time/inconvenience of having to have them shipped to someone else's house (I can't receive packages at my home because UPS insists that someone be there to sign for them - I am not kidding, it's freaking insane). 

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I can't believe the UPS refuses to deliver my package without a signature. The sender did not specify that a signature was needed, I am insisting they just deliver the damn thing, but no.

I live in a condo and I work during business hours, so no package for me.

They won't leave the package at my door because I live in a condo, even if I swear not hold them responsible if it gets stolen.

They were supposed to deliver to my work, but hey, that seems to be a pipe dream. There is an obscene amount of comments on my tracking record - including me telling them to hold it at the facility that is 30 miles from my house. I never told them that. According to the tracking records it left their facility today at 8 am, then it left their facility at 10:30 am (hey, my package can teleport - just not to me), and THEN it says that won't be delivered until Aug 5. 'Cause it takes a day and half for the truck to drive from Ontario to Los Angeles.

I might have to cancel my Melaleuca account - I am not going to put up with this headache every damn month. It's day 5 past when I should have had my order, and no clue when I will get it.

Their facility? Also open during Business hours M-F. What the hell? They honestly couldn't believe why it would be a problem for me to take off work to get my package.



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