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If a women gives you a number at a bar, you call it and are told that number doesn't belong to her?  Calling repeatedly because the person who gave you the number owes you money isn't going to get you your money.  It's going to get you hung up on.

My god, how stupid is the person who insists on calling me - he thinks I give a damn that some anonymous person in a bar stole his money and give him my phone number.  I would like to smack her myself, it costs me money to have these idiots call me. 

How stupid do you have to be to lend money to someone that you don't know except for a phone number you haven't checked?  When you met the person in a club and only have a name and a phone number.  Not even a phone number you have ever used, mind you.

I mean, really, that's stupid.  


Aug. 14th, 2007 04:36 pm
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Did you know that cell phones have an ignore function?

I do know.

You know that joke where a person gives out a wrong cell phone number at a club?

Someone has been doing that with my number.

Mainly to guys who don't speak good english.  I didn't realize what was going on until an English speaking guy explained it.

The latest guy has called me 4 times.  4 times.  I explained the first time that I was not who was looking - she had given him the wrong number.
So he called again, to "ask me something".  I hung up.  So he called again.  I found a nice command called ignore.  So he called again.  Ignore again.

Who the hell trys to talk to the person who's cell phone number you mistakenly got?  Shouldn't it be embarrassing or something?

I have wasted 5 dollars on this crap already - my phone is a pay as you go by the minutes.  And I have the old cheap phased out plan, so if I try to get a new number, they will make me "upgrade" to one of their existing higher priced plans. 

GARGGHHHHH.  I hate selfish idiots.   Can't she use a different number each time?  If she has to give out a wrong number?


May. 15th, 2007 10:57 pm
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So, every time I log onto AIM this same idiot tries to talk to me.  He won't say who he is, and I have told him repeatedly that I don't want to talk to someone I don't know.

Finally today, I figured out the ban function (not actually on AIM but using a client to access, it wasn't easy to find the ban function).

Yet, he could still message.  Right before I deleted the aim, he told me I was mean and he wasn't going to talk to me.  As if this was supposed to hurt my feelings when I HAD BEEN TELLING TO LEAVE ME ALONE SEVERAL TIMES!

Fucking idiot.  I can't even understand the viewpoint that would make him think calling me names would do him any good.


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