Mar. 24th, 2009 11:53 am
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Today, I am very fond of Vermont.   

Tonight, I go take care of puppies.  

I am so very, very tired, as my body seems to think that 6 hours is all the sleep I need while I am sleeping, and then think that I need more once I am awake.  

My Ravens in the Library will be shipped to me soon, with new stories by Charles de Lint and Laurell K. Hamilton (please oh please let it be plot not porn) and by Seanan McGuire.

Half of my frimped LE imps seem to have lavender or violet in them.  The next person I frimp will be getting lots of LE frimps.

Lavender and violet still luve me.  I do not luve them.  My response tends to be between 'get it off me' and 'get it off me NOW'.

Tea is of the good.   And of the necessary.

I have packed vanilla tea, cherry (herbal) and Senghill Estate Assam.  The fact that I am beginning to be able to tell Assam and Darjeeling apart by taste is both disturbing and fun.

Dani California is the song that leads to my highest facebook scramble score (from my rock band playlist).  Seriously.  Listening to it  is at least 10 pts extra.  I am strange.

Tonight I will be a drumming goddess. 

And all this has been a apropos of nothing.
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Metaquotes has a little bit about equally large boas being the solution to everything....  .

So my coworker counters with rumours of.... 

He wins.  At Life.
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Dude, Gatorade comes with an instruction manual:

(Gatorade Sports Science Institute:  Drinking Do's and Don'ts)

This is brought to  by the committee for "they wrote WHAT?"


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