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Insomnia has set in.

The natural food store by Todai's had a sale on bottle waters.  Since insomnia often goes hand in hand with dehydration for me, I overstocked on flavor only - no sugar or artifical sugar - waters.

Mostly Hint, some Metromint and some Fragile Planet Organic - which is a brand that I have never heard of.

Which leads us to today's edition of trying things so you don't have to -

Fragile Planet Organic Water - Vanilla Flavor.


it's vanilla ice cream.  without the cream.  and only it's water.  but it's that same damn vanilla taste as most of the normal brands of vanilla ice cream - breyers or dreyers or such, not Ben and Jerry's or Haagen Daaz.

vanilla ice cream water.

It's better than the Chocolate Mint Metromint.  At least this one is wet.  Strangely, I think it's growing on me, which is perturbing.  If I turn into a pile of sentient man-eating goo, you know you to blame the water.  


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The Dry line of sodas use real sugar and natural extracts.  And not that much sugar - for example this bottle of soda has 60 calories, no fake sugars, and no coloring agents. 

Vanilla Dry Soda - I have only seen this in single bottles at Famima!

It's not sweet at all.  It has just enough sweetness to keep it from being vanilla sparkling water.  And the vanilla is rich and smooth - the smell is strong, the taste is smooth and medium.  A bit of the bite from the acid.  I like it.

This is a win!

AND it would make the perfect base for a chocolate martini.  Most of the flavored martinis that we drink at home have a splash of soda in them, the chocolate one uses cream or half and half.  One could make a really good one without cream and us a dash of this soda.  Will have to get some to try.
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This time I used my Marvel group as test subjects.  Hi guys!

So, Target has 7 Jones 2008 sodas this year.  4 in cans, 3 in bottles.  Yes, I am the person who switched the cans/bottles so that they were not all the same kind - I am  not spending $25 on soda.  I got one 4 pack of cans, and 1 four pack of sodas, which, woe is me, lead to 2 of one kind in the bottle.  Sadly, not the good kind.  My ability to judge the bad in advance was at all time low...


The line-up is... )


  Not all bad, but only about 3 that I really would buy again.  I miss the caramel apple.  And the red licorice.  Though I didn't get to try the red licorice.  I miss it on general principle.

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Last time it was CherryMint Metro Mint.

It was baaaadddd.  Cherry mouthwash bad.  Scratch that, cherry mouthwash might be good.
It was cough syrup cherry/real mint disguised as fake mint - can't decide if it's a drink or a medicine bad.

Now up - ChocolateMint Metro Mint water.  

It's in a brown bottle.  It's got a peppermint leaf and and chuck of chocolate on it.
I am not allowed caffiene due to my "I need to breathe" medicine.  In the those up
between caffienated goodness and breathing, breathing one.  Barely.  

I am trying to avoid "cranky" so now I am looking for chocolate substitutes.
I know, I know, I am the one who believes chocolate that is not dark and real isn't worth it.

But alas, again, I went with breathing.

It smells like homemade cocoa with a hint of peppermint extract.

At first, it tastes really good - like dark chocolate and mint and I begin to hope.

Hope, alas, is killed violent with the powdered cocoa aftertaste.  And by cocoa
I mean that baking cocoa.  Have you ever tried baking cocoa?  It's bitter and powdery, and yes, powdery can be
a taste.

I don't know how water can feel dry.  But now I have experienced it.

MetroMint has struck out again.


Nov. 29th, 2006 10:03 pm
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So, on Friday, the boyfriend picked up NWN2 (Neverwinter Nights 2) - it was on sale for $25, and it's one of those computer games that retails for $60+ bucks.

Let's put it this way.  $25 might have been spending too much for it.

It blows big monkey chunks. 

The game play is less intuitive then the first game - you have to make more clicks and they got rid of the radial menus and didn't replace them with anything.
The game is buggy as all hell.
The graphics for the people?  Sims2 does it better.  They have fewer actions and less available motions then the first game. 
The camera angles suck.  In the first game,  you eventually found a groove and found the right angle to play in.   Even the boyfriend is having problems finding the right angle.  'Cause they are all the wrong angle.  Entering a room is kinda deadly - you can't bloody well see to kill the bad guys. 

AND they editor to the game practically requires a computer degree to use. 

I don't know who their market was for this game (except for those of us who went "shiney" and bought the game without reading the reviews.  will never do so again).

It ain't the people who loved the original for the ability to add player content - that ain't gonna happen, not with the clunky editor they have.
It ain't the people who love persistent worlds - their is a world map.  An "everyone must go the world map cause one person did" world map.  Not a running through areas to get somewhere kinda of map, but a here's a map and now click on a place to get there kinda map. 
It ain't the people who want cool graphics, 'cause you can only look at so much landscape, and again, the people models are less pretty the original.
It ain't the people who want gore, 'cause the fights are less graphic.
It ain't the people who wanted ease of game play 'cause it's clunkier than most games I have played.  Even my boyfriend has problems, and he's good at learning at the tricks and shortcuts.

Really, its the dumb people.  Don't be dumb.   Play the original.  It's expansion packs and persistent worlds.
Grrr.  What the hell were they thinking?


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