Nov. 5th, 2008 06:10 pm
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I am in the state's capitol. My hotel is the one that Arnold stays at.

While the hotel said it had internet, it failed to mention the really high fee it wanted. So I walked the mile to a Starbucks that had internet, but I need to walk back to complete today's work activities.

No internet, spotty news.

So I log on, find that prop 4 failed to pass (YES!) but also that Prop 8 will pass.

I am shocked. I am saddened. I am actually in a state of disbelief, and I am ashamed of California right now.

And I wish like hell I knew what to do about it.
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So now I have been reprimanded. For being rude and 'short' to the students.

Good side:

I don't need to send them back to the textbook side for textbook problems-- since that was part of the problem I got Lisa to explain to how to answer the questions I have been sending them back to textbooks for.

In theory, my boss just took some of the load off my shoulders. I explained that between being sick and my stress level at how much I have to do, I was probably being rude. I was very apologetic, and she could see my stress-- and now the training of the temp is off my shoulders, and the other two full timers will be taking up some of the stuff I do.

We will see how that works. The 2 major probjects my second to the top boss gave me are much more work to do. Let's put it this way-- I one solid day of work and I have 3% of half of ONE project done.

Bad side-

I cried.

Something was brought up that was a MAJOR source of stress a few back, a problem with a Professor that I had been worrying would cost my job (I was assured that was not the case - in fact she was surprised I might thing so). So I am relieved about that, but I hate being so unprofessional.

I really must learn not to do that.

Anyway, I am taking sanity breaks today, because between being sick and stress and the fact that I simply am not up to the speed that I think I should be at.... ARGH!

The last is the most- I hate not living up the standards I set for myself.

I wish I could go home. I really don't feel good and I think sleep and medicine would make it all better. Maybe this will be a short day for me.
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So I got 7 projects in the past-due panic mode.

Another 3-4 that are important, but just not as immediately must-do.

I suspect that I will not have time to update this or do email until Monday, when I have an hour lunch instead of the half-hour I have now.

USC hired me. Yeah.

But the job is way too much work.


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