Dec. 12th, 2012

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So, discussion with a friend where she's upset with me beause I am beginning to lose my interest in the Marvel Cinema Universe as they start getting rid of the few female characters they have.

I expressed that I was done spending time/energy/money on things that don't have a decent female representation these days.  (This is mainly TV - I don't even miss Supernatural at this point).  I realize by now that TV Shows and Movies aren't going to listen to me.  I want to see women.  I want to see minorities.  In numbers that actually represent their demograhics. 

She brought up the L Word.  Because my point that most TV shows are 4:1 men to women means that she has to bring up the fact that the L Word never brought in a "token" gay male couple.

Because, yes, my discussion of TV in general and his skewed demographics in lead characters had to devolve into how it's really all fair because of one niche TV show specifically about lesbians.  In other words, what about the poor men.

Which means I am not going to see Iron Man 3, as it was the cause of this argument and now I am just incoherently wanting to employ the fist of rage.
I am not going to be able to watch a moview here they get rid of the one female character in the movie set that is consistently there, to replace it with a character that will be there for one movie.

(this brought to you by rumors that Pepper dies/leaves Tony; Jane isn't in Thor 2, and there will be no Black Widow movie.  Marvel can bite me).


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