Dec. 10th, 2008 02:17 pm
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I have the bestest best friend in the whole world.

Christmas isn't Christmas with Bayberry candles.

I am on a budget.

Now, normally those two things don't have anything in common - but Yankee discontinued their bayberry in votive and tart this year - leaving only the really big jars.

I was gnashing my teeth and plotting death and destruction on Yankee candle company, and trying to decide if it was really worth the cost for a huge candle jar.

My grandmother used to burn Bayberry candles. I hated it back then - she would burn the cheap ones, we would get her good ones, she would give the good ones away and use the cheap ones. I had to light the candle myself to get her to keep the good ones (luckily she wouldn't give a used candle away) - because I believe she was worth the good ones, and frankly, while I didn't like the smell of the good candles, the cheap ones were sick-making.

Somehow the smell of good bayberry candles got wrapped up into what Christmas is supposed to smell like, and due to asthma, this is the Year of the Fake Tree, so I won't get my normal piney house scent.

But scarlet_storm found me candles! She found me a set of 6 votives, so I will have enough to last until after Christmas, and can use my pretty, pretty candle holders.

I loves her very much.

She understood why it was important, and understood my hangup about spending more than $15 for a single candle, and she solved the problem.

Very happy making.

I often don't deserve my friends.

My cubicle smells like bayberry, and it finally feels like the Christmas season.


Nov. 10th, 2006 11:39 am
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So, Burger King Kid's meal promotion is Happy Feet. I buy kid's meals 'cause they come with milk and applesauce instead of fries and soda. the toy was a bobble penguin.

Now there is a penguin dancing on my computer monitor. the movement of my keyboard on my desk makes the penguin dance. DANCE PENGUIN DANCE!

That is all.


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