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1.  I have a twitter account.  Yet it freaks me out when random strangers follow me.  I know the things I say on twitter aren't interesting enough for random strangers to want to follow me.  Until recently I routinely blocked anyone who followed me that I didn't know or follow myself.  Kinda misses the whole point of twitter, right?

2.  I have taken to drinking lemonade with mint and lime in it.  This is because for a bit Starbucks had mojito ice tea lemonade that was awesome on the college campus where I randomly am at times.  Said campus no longer has the mojito ice tea lemonade.  Cue me making it at home.  Cue me wanting it work evenings, and I can't have the caffiene and still get to sleep on time.

So now it's mint/lime/lemonade  without the ice tea.

3.  Several times a year I drag several friends to Pasadena to Rocket Fizz to get Birch Beer.  I also get Red Cream Soda, good Root Beer, and other sugar-based (no HFCS for me) sodas.  But the real reason is to get Birch Beer.  To know why this is strange, once must understand that Pasadena is 2 hours away from me.  Apparently, I am addicted to Birch Beer, and my friends are crazy enough to help me feed my habit.

4.  I am the only one I know who can go from 'eh, that's a bit high' to 'OMG, I am two feet of the ground - PANICATTACK!'.  In the same day.  Depending on how tired I am, how stressed I am, and how wonky my brain chemistry (tendency to migraines that really, really messes me with me) is at the moment.  Yep.  I can go from being okay with single story heights, to wow, sitting on the desk is way too far off the ground.    
This can change in moments due to the brain chemistry thing.  Yes, I am clearly part cat.  I can climb that tree, admire the view, and then realize that the ground is very, very far below.  

5.  Last year, I had the swine flu.  This apparently means (according to recent news) that I have some sort of superantibody to the flu.  I can believe that, because I used to pick up the flu more than once a year (oh, yes, there is more than variant most years), and I have not had the flu since I got the swine flu.

This does mean I haven't been.  Oh, no.  Lots of little colds and some big ones.  at an even higher rate than normal.  But no flu.   

My altered human power is apparently resistance to the flu.  It even has an origin story- the 10 days I spent really, really ill and quarantined when I had the swine flu.


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